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in the beginning i swear i saw the first touch painting hands but sideways- this right here

wouldn't let me have 2 images in the same edit for some reason so this is the original first touch image but just the hands. the hands look similar to the one in my above comment.

oh my gosh I remember following you on tumblr! nice to see you again, hope you’re doing well 


Oh wow! It's amazing  you found me and I'm kind of flattered you remember me! Life has been complicated in ways I prefer not dive into in a comment section, but I'm trying to get better and I'm working on my projects again so that helps. :3 

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after reading this short but oh so sweet story about someone in love with the sky, i am left with my heart in need to exhale a wistful sigh. thanks for sharing this 1am creation,  it was a beautiful 5 minutes.

Glad you enjoyed my sleepless night creation